Kat has assisted me with all aspects of graphic design, advertising and brochure design over the 25 years in business. Her work has been a factor in my success. I highly recommend her work and her personally.
Bridget Hauser – Owner, Sunset Canyon Pottery
I hired Kat to do design work at two different places and I was always pleased with the result. Her product is visually appealing, but mostly she captured so beautifully the essence of what we were trying to communicate because she listens so well. I highly recommend Kat and Dog.
Priscilla Pipho – Communications Professional
Kat is by far the most fun person to work with. She’s incredibly creative and has an expert hand at design as well as illustration. She was my first boss and I don’t know where I’d be without her direction. She has the perfect balance between friend and critic. She fostered so much creative growth and continues to be a fantastic sounding board for me as a business owner and a contractor.
Susie Hiskey Bryan – Owner/Creative Director, Whisk Design Studio

Kat is the finest graphic designer I’ve ever worked with! Her ability to read my mind, channel it in to a winning design is amazing. She designed everything we had at The Crossings, and we received great praise for our look, and more importantly, it compelled folks to come and discover. Although I supervised (partnered with) Kat at The Crossings, I also worked with her while I was at the Austin CVB, ZACH, and several boards of non-profits. Everything she’s ever designed for me turned out better than I thought it would be - she is truly gifted.
Pamme Mickelson – Owner, Mickelson Coaching



About kat&dog studio

Our talented team of professionals encompasses creative strategy, graphic design, art direction, illustration and project management skills to tackle the specifics of your key initiatives. We bring together decades of excellence so your project will flow smoothly, be spot on for messaging, creatively carry that messaging through the graphic design process, and, finally, be completed on-time and within the specified budget.
We also bring experience from all walks of business to each project we undertake, knowing in the end it’s about impacting people in a positive light, making the communications and process from beginning to end clear and seamless, and ultimately advancing your cause internally and externally.
It’s been our modus operandi since 1982, and what we will accomplish for you should you choose Kat&Dog Studio for your next project.

I have made a name in the Austin market as a reliable resource for creative services including creative concepting, graphic design, art direction, illustration, project management, and consulting for more than 25 years. I take pride in keeping schedules and budgets under control and communication channels clear. I work fast, I work hard, and I work smart. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to accomplish your goals and exceed your expectations.